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Thank you for visiting my website!

I’m Dr James McTaggart, and I’ve been an educational psychologist for over 15 years working with children, young people and their families from before birth to 25

Here you’ll find some blog posts with ideas from practice and research – and some links to advice and training too

Please look around and read – and I’d love you to comment or get in touch

What can I help with?

Early Years

Our first 5 years lay the foundations for a lifetime of learning & wellbeing.

This link is about how we can help make it the best start for everyone


Life has its ups and downs, and being a parent is not always easy.

These pages are all about helping make it simple and joyful


Looking for evidence and ideas to improve learning & wellbeing?

Follow this link for research, training, advice & support

Latest posts

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In a way this is a daft question because, as most parents know, stopping a teenager from using a scr…

The most important concept in early years?

An important education person said to me only this week, “but this early years, we don’t need to wor…

Are the children ok?

Many people working with young children are reporting the same thing. Children in our settings seem …

MA (Oxon), DipPsych, MSc, PhD
HCPC Registration: PYL01053